Month: March 2021

Staking Cardano (ADA) has never been so easy

Easy Staking April giveaway

Hi Everyone, during this second $CULO AirDrop I’m happy to announce the second and richest $ADA giveaway of the Easy Staking Pool yet. This time we will give away… drum roll… 1000 (one thousand) $ADA! The prize will be split into three parts and the participants will have a chance to win one of the…
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D=0 Celebration and $ADA giveaway

I know you are all having fun receiving and sending $CULO tokens, and this is GREAT. I am happy and proud to contribute to producing educational Cardano content while having fun. The $CULO token has already been working wonders, and with its launch, I will officially announce the first Easy Staking Pool $ADA give away.…
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Need more luck? Don’t miss $CULO AirDrop

In order to celebrate the Mary Era and the release of Native Tokens on the Cardano blockchain, the Easy Staking Pool (ticker EASY1), has decided to mint its very own Native Token. The token is called Culo, that literally mean ass or bottom in Italian, but in slang it is used as a way of…
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