D=0 Celebration and $ADA giveaway

Staking Cardano (ADA) has never been so easy

D=0 Celebration and $ADA giveaway

I know you are all having fun receiving and sending $CULO tokens, and this is GREAT. I am happy and proud to contribute to producing educational Cardano content while having fun. The $CULO token has already been working wonders, and with its launch, I will officially announce the first Easy Staking Pool $ADA give away. More details shortly.

$CULO Token AirDrop

As you can read in the official Cardano website, on March 31st at about 9:44pm UTC the decentralisation parameter, also known as the d param, will go to zero. This is an event of paramount importance as every single block of the cardano blockchain will be produced by community pools and not anymore by pools managed and owned by the Cardano Foundation.

This will make of the Cardano blockchain, possibly, the most decentralised blockchain for many many years.

As the proud Cardano Stake Pool Operator of the Easy Staking Pool, ticker EASY1, I want to celebrate this event with my very first $ADA give away.

The winner, or winners, will receive 100 (one hundred) $ADA each.


In order to be able to apply to the give away, these are the requirements that must be met.

  • You must be already delegating to EASY1 at epoch 253, OR you can start delegating during, but not after, epoch 253.
  • Delegators that start delegating to EASY1 from epoch 254 will not be considered for this round of the draft.
  • Delegators who comply to the points above, will have to maintain their delegation with the Easy Staking Pool until at least March 31st at 9:44pm UTC.

Once your delegation criteria match the rules above, you can enter the draft.

The raffle

Winners will be announced on March 31st at about 9:44pm UTC (basically when d = 0) when the Cardano blockchain transitions from epoch 236 to epoch 237, the very first, fully decentralised, epoch. What a better way to celebrate a new era of fully decentralised cardano blockchain than giving away a few celebratory $ADA to my delegators.

There will be as many winners as the number of millions delegated to the Easy Staking Pool. At the moment of writing there is already 1.5m, so there will be at least 1 winner. If the delegation amount raises to 2 millions, two people will be selected. Between 3m and 4m, 3 people will be selected. You get the gist. So the more delegators, the higher is the delegated amount and the higher is the chance of winning. Don’t hesitate. Delegate.

Once that you meet the criteria specified in the requirements above, reply to the following tweet with your payment address in order to take part to the draft and GOOD LUCK, I hope there will be many lucky winners!

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