Need more luck? Don’t miss $CULO AirDrop

Staking Cardano (ADA) has never been so easy

Need more luck? Don’t miss $CULO AirDrop

In order to celebrate the Mary Era and the release of Native Tokens on the Cardano blockchain, the Easy Staking Pool (ticker EASY1), has decided to mint its very own Native Token.

The token is called Culo, that literally mean ass or bottom in Italian, but in slang it is used as a way of expressing “good luck”. Its symbol is $CULO, and it has been created at the block number 5451805 of epoch 253, with transaction id dcfea5d12ff081392622e7e8eb4d701a55c4342a7e543a7148ed184744e2b2fc.

$CULO fingerprint is asset1hl5fn7zfjuj8vjftjdwzuk2gkk204u29vzr4sn

Transaction details are available at

The goal of this token is to create, in a spicy and hilarious way, informative and educational content about the new features and possibilities that the Cardano blockchain offers to all its users, and how the Cardano blockchain differentiates from other blockchains.

As a warranty of the effectiveness in terms of “good luck” of the token, at the moment of the creation of the token itself, I’ve blessed these funds with a little ASCII Art that I’ve attached, as metadata, to the minting transaction. If you’re curious, you can find out yourself by clicking on, and scrolling down to the section “Metadata”. Once there, click on the link value of the metadatum “0”, as represented in the picture below.

Once clicked on the string with the funny symbols a div should open. What does it remind you?

As intended in the Italian slang, the $CULO token has to be thought as something that gives good luck to its owner. So if you want some $CULO in your Cardano wallet, follow the instructions below and request some $CULO to be sent to you for free. I Giovanni, aka CryptoJoe101, will never ask $ADA or any other token in exchange for $CULO.

In order to make the $CULO AirDrop a playful and fun event, I recommend to read the T&C below, so to avoid misunderstanding and issues.

Terms and Conditions

The $CULO token as no value. It has been created for fun, and it has an education purpose. With $CULO you can start exploring what Native Tokens are and how to exchange them. Despite being a fungible token, the $CULO Token hasn’t been created with the purpose of exchanging it for other valuable coins like $ADA. Should you be asked for $ADA in exchange for $CULO, I would recommend refusing.

The $CULO token has been created for fun, and I, Giovanni, aka CryptoJoe101, won’t assume any responsibility for how the $CULO token will then be used, exchanged or spent.

Once you received the $CULO token, you can forward it to other Cardano users. Don’t be stingy and send a bit of $CULO to your friends and link this article to share the true goal of the token. I would recommend giving $CULO tokens for free.

How to participate to $CULO AirDrop

First of all you need a Cardano wallet. Yoroi or Daedalus are perfect.

You will have to follow these simple rules:

  • Follow me on twitter CryptoJoe101
  • Saturday the 13th of March (I couldn’t pick a better day could I?) at 9pm UTC, I will tweet the beginning of the $CULO AirDrop
  • Hit like/retweet and..
  • Reply to the tweet with a receiving address of your Cardano wallet (select the send panel and copy a receiving address)
  • Optionally, you can delegate to my staking pool and support this and other AirDrops or educational events like this one. My ticker is EASY1

The event will be live on YouTube, and, the first round of AirDrop, will see 50 lucky people receiving some $CULO. The YouTube live link will be published a few minutes before the beginning of the AirDrop. Join me live to know more about Native Tokens, what are their characteristics, and how they differ from implementations on other blockchains.

Thanks and I hope to send a ton of $CULO to many lucky people!

Kudos to for the $CULO artwork and logos

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