NFT Project: Classical Music Experience Collection

Staking Cardano (ADA) has never been so easy

NFT Project: Classical Music Experience Collection

Classical Music Experience Collection is an innovative, interactive, multi-media digital art project.

The new NFT project has just been launched and uses the Cardano network to mine its tokens.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are one of the latest adoptions of blockchain technology. More and more innovative projects are being created around NFTs and digital art. One such project is Classical Music Experience.

This project stands out for the high level of intereactivity combined with the unique and musical desing of NFTs, created by Glus, a well-known artist of the Cardano ecosystem, who has re-edited famous classical music masterpieces in a psychedelic key.

On the Classical Musical Experience webpage, you can buy one random NFT by paying 30 $ADA or 4 random NFTs by paying 100 $ADA.

These NFTs promise to entertain you and give you a unique musical experience. There are 1,000 tokens from 9 famous composers, all with different supplies and rarities, divided into three groups:

Vivaldi – 350 pcs

Debussy – 250 pcs

Strauss – 200 pcs

Bizet – 70 pcs

Bach – 60 pcs

Vivaldi – 40 pcs

Mozart – 15 pcs

Beethoven – 10 pcs

Paganini – 5 pcs

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