Stakeboard farewall

Staking Cardano (ADA) has never been so easy

Stakeboard farewall

Friday the 11th of March, after almost one year, it was my last day at Stakeboard (

I really enjoyed my time at Stakeboard, I had the honour of working on a revolutionary idea along with a very talented and passionate team, thanks for all that I have learned along the way.

I want to thank the #CardanoCommunity for the incredible support they gave me and the team in these months. Most importantly I want to thank the long list of SPOs that have joined us during the closed beta: it was a very enjoyable and fun time.

Thank you!

Stakeboard will remain in the capable hands of Sebastiaan.

As a SPO I will continue to cheer and support this project!

Best of luck Stakeboard and thanks for this incredible past year!