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Staking Cardano (ADA) has never been so easy

NFT Project: Classical Music Experience Collection

The new NFT project has just been launched and uses the Cardano network to mine its tokens. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are one of the latest adoptions of blockchain technology. More and more innovative projects are being created around NFTs and digital art. One such project is Classical Music Experience. This project stands out for the…
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Need more luck? Don’t miss $CULO AirDrop

In order to celebrate the Mary Era and the release of Native Tokens on the Cardano blockchain, the Easy Staking Pool (ticker EASY1), has decided to mint its very own Native Token. The token is called Culo, that literally mean ass or bottom in Italian, but in slang it is used as a way of…
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A BIG Thank You to our delegators – February 2021

We just wanted to take a minute to thank all the delegators that have joined the Easy Staking Pool. We count more than 10 delegators and a whopping 1.2m stake. This is unbelievable given we only started a couple of weeks back. Above all we would love to thank who believes that true decentralisation also…
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How to find the best Cardano Staking Pool

Staking Pools are the heart of the Cardano blockchain. Despite providing the exact same service, they can be quite different from each other. Each pool is characterised by a number of different factors. In this article we will examine the most important parameters of a Cardano Staking Pool and, by the end of this article,…
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